“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Peter Drucker

By applying its technology expertise in the development of chatbots Kiina is building the future. Chatbots are opportunities for companies to strengthen their brands, enlarge sales and interact with their audience in a fast and efficient way.


Nowadays, customers are ready for digital communication. More than that, their preferences concerning relations with companies are changing *:

56% prefer sending a message than using a call center service;

61% like to receive customized messages from companies;

67% hope to receive messages from brands or companies over the next two years.

* Facebook Research about Messages – Nielsen Institute (study requested by Facebook)


What are they?

Chatbots are a new step in communication with customers.

To answer questions, to solve problems or even to perform sales chatbots are the evolution in customer service.

Chatbots are the artificial intelligence personification. Basically, they are virtual assistants able to represent companies in chats with clients.

What do chatbots do?

Chatbots are developed to interact with customers in different ways. Examples:

Kale  Collecting data and opinions;

Kale  Leads qualification – enlarging/deepening knowledge about customers;

Kale  Customer service – answering questions or solving problems;

Kale  Shop assistance – acts as a guide for sales.

Chatbots benefits

Service availability at any time (24/7)

Speed in attendance

Database enrichment through qualified information

Consistency in the quality of responses

Connection to message platforms with no programs or apps installation requirements

Lower operating costs


See some Kiina clients’ success stories

Serasa Consumidor

A credit analysis company


The project’s purpose was to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) and personal service in order to improve customers’ experience. A virtual assistant was created and named Bel and was initially expected to answer up to 70% users queries in first level. The robot would be in charge of answering the most frequent consumers’ questions and personal attendants would concentrate 100% of their efforts in more added value tasks.


After mapping and analyzing customers’ main doubts and requests, tasks were divided among ChatBot and Serasa agents. AI solution and Zendesk were integrated in order to optimize the management of the project. In addition, models of data sets – to improve continuously AI knowledge base – and a satisfaction measurement system by NPS (Net Promoter Score) were implemented.


Serasa’s virtual assistant became responsible for answering up to 73% of first level  support requests. Currently, Serasa’s Chatbot provides 811 services per day, 30.420 per month and 204 per hour. Bel was created in 2017 and has already served more than 200.000 different people.


A weather forecast company


A ChatBot named Celsius was created for Climatempo, a weather forecast company. Its main task is keeping users aware about weather conditions in Brazilian cities, as well as around the world. This ArtificiaI Intelligence (AI) solution also provides a rain radar and a meteorological alarm.


The implemented AI solution was focused on interaction and based on searching of weather forecast at Climatempo website. Users experience concerning this new service model is evaluated through a satisfaction research.


Celsius has already received over a million messages. The ChatBot serves 8 thousand users per day, 38 thousand users per month and traffic 500 thousand messages per week. It was created in 2016 and has already served 400.000 different people.

XP Investimentos

An investment company


Rico’s Chatbot’s goal is to respond customers’ queries without the need for personal attention. With easy and accessible language, the AI (Artificial Intelligence) solution will help users understand investment market issues and improve customer service performance, productivity, etc. The service must be personalized, respecting each investors’ profile.


Kiina’s solution was developed to improve service productivity by answering frequently asked questions and similar requests. The solution will also be integrated with Zendesk, allowing to manage chat online conversations on the website and Facebook Messenger.


Virtual assistant is expected to retain up to 70% of support requests and reduce service time by up to 30% while helping to reduce operational costs.

Kiina is a Facebook and Zendesk certified partner.

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